WY Medicaid Program

In today’s world, many seniors and the disabled in Wyoming are doing with out the health care and/or medicine they desperately need. They have to decide between eating or their health and health is taking the backseat. The Wyoming Medicaid Program is just what they need. It enables them to get the health care and medicine they need.
The Wyoming Medicaid Program helps seniors and people with disabilities get the health care that they need. To qualify for the Wyoming Medicaid Program you must be age 65 or older, disabled or legally blind. If this is you then you may qualify for the Wyoming Medicaid Program. The benefit package also includes long term care services if medically necessary.

The Wyoming Medicaid Program can provide skilled services for you such as, daily nursing and skilled therapy. The Wyoming Medicaid Program helps those that meet the requirements to pay their health care expenses.

Even if you don’t meet the income requirements but you meet all the other requirements, you may still be eligible for a medical spend down. The medical spend down allows you to deduct your medical bills from your income, this will help you meet the income requirements.

Even if you receive Medicare or other health insurance, Medicaid may still help you cover most health care costs that are medically necessary. Sometimes your insurance may not cover them.

To qualify for the Wyoming Medicaid Program, you must meet income and resource requirements. Resources are things like, cash, stocks, bonds, savings and property. Even if you think you don’t qualify you could be wrong. Apply for the Wyoming Medicaid Program today you may

To apply for the Wyoming Medicaid Program you must complete an application and have a interview with a caseworker at your local Department of Jobs and Family Services, or you can call 1-800-324-8680, to find out where the company office near you is located.

If you are age 65 or older, disabled or blind and you need help with health care expenses then apply today for the Wyoming Medicaid Program. Don’t go another day without the health care and medicine you need. There is no shame in asking for help. That is what the Wyoming Medicaid Program is there for. Get the help you need.

Selling Long Term Care Insurance – Marketing Strategies

Insurance is an industry that will always have consumers, especially the health insurance industry. However, if you are thinking about adding a new insurance product to your sales’ portfolio you need to think about what type of insurance product will be the easiest to sell. One product that you will want to seriously consider adding to your product line is long term care insurance. Long term care insurance is in high demand and will continue to be in high demand as Babyboomers retire and as health care climes in price.
What Is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance is an insurance product that covers services and products related to on-going or long term health care treatments. For example, it covers costs associated to staying in a nursing home, it covers costs associated with home health care services and it also covers physical therapy and supplies used for treating chronic physical problems. Long term care insurance includes Medigap coverage plans and ala a carte insurance coverage for specific long term care services.

Selling Medigap

If you are interested in selling Medigap then you will have a few guidelines to work around. First of all the Medigap plans that you sell will be limited to what your state has approved. Next you will need to set your policy prices for your Medigap plans so that they are competitive with other insurance carriers in your state. This is important to do because all Medigap plans have to offer the approved coverage regardless of what you charge. This means that if your policy rates are higher for Medigap plans when compared to your competitor, chances are you will lose customers.

Generating Leads for Your Long Term Care Insurance Policies

The key to making money as an insurance agent is to consistently bring in new leads for insurance customers. There are several ways to generate new leads for your insurance business. The first method is to subscribe to a lead generation service that sells leads for long term care insurance. These services will use legal and ethical methods for generating filtered leads for you with online quote request programs. Another method is to advertise in your local yellow pages. In your yellow pages ad you will want to denote that you offer long term care insurance. Finally, business cards are very useful marketing tools. Hand them out to your current customers, to people that you meet and include one with your marketing materials that are mailed out to people who request information.