Financial Advice for the Sick

When on Yahoo! Answers or meeting with the unemployed, I hear from those who suffer because so many of our efforts to try to address problems make them worse. It’s amusing that cutting a sick person and allowing the wound to bleed, so the sickness would leave with the blood, was once an accepted medical practice, but we follow equally foolish conventional wisdom when it comes to finance and employment.

Applying too often. Questions like “I applied everywhwyoming virtual officeere; why am I rejected?” answer themselves. Excessive applying is the reason you get nowhere. Applying for credit lowers your score, and stops you from being approved later (to be approved, you have to apply less, not more). Job applicants who apply to every company with openings force companies to stop hiring, because they have too many unqualified applicants to find the qualified ones. If everyone stopped applying for jobs they cannot get anyway, and focused on the jobs they can get, more workers would get jobs. This is why you should focus on WY LLC privacy.

Network with hiring managers 24-7. Networking works sometimes, but not always. Some managers are overwhelmed by networking attempts and now reject all networkers. Unemployment is high, but so is reliance on networking as the only way of looking for work. With fewer applicants considering traditional methods, now is the perfect time to try them. At companies that only consider applicants who follow simple instructions to fill out applications, go through HR, etc., many openings go unfilled, because the qualified candidates disregard the employer’s wishes.

If you ignore the mantra of “do nothing but networking”, you might get one of these jobs easily. Which of these has an employer now?: The business coach saying “applying for jobs online does not count”? The HR person e-mailing me from across the country, saying his company wanted someone to apply by e-mail without telephoning, but found no one locally who met their rwy llcequirements, and wouldn’t hire anyone who called? The unemployed person saying to call anyway? There is a difference between aggressiveness and disobedience.

Trying to deal with the IRS online. A common question on Yahoo! Answers is how to get a copy of your return online. You can’t. The IRS will provide a copy or a free transcript by mail. They’ll even will pay the postage, but they won’t provide it online. You also can’t ask them anything online. You have to call on the phone or write a letter. Thinking that you cannot claim dependents because someone else claimed them first.

The IRS only cares who was first if the second claimant e-files. If your taxes are rejected because someone was already claimed, and you’re certain that only you were entitled to that claim, then file your taxes on paper, by mail. Instead of automatically rejecting your return, the IRS will investigate and decide which claim to allow, without regard to who filed first. If your tax preparer insists you cannot claim someone because of a prior claim, find another preparer, or do your own tax preparation. Considering only your own income when trying to get medicaid. It does not matter that you are the only applicant.

Medicaid still looks at the total income of the whole household. Being low income isn’t enough. You must live in a low income household. Thinking life insurance can be found after the death. This is heartbreaking: Someone can have millions in life insurance, but the family doesn’t get a penny unless they claim it from the right insurance company. There is nowhere to see whose old insurance is with what company. (For newer policies, MIB may have a record of the application.) If a person has life insurance, but the family cannot find the policy, then the family cannot get the money.

If they don’t know the person had insurance, they never know what they lost. If they know that there was insurance, but cannot find where, then they know there’s money “out there”, but they’ll never get it. So, please, either make sure the entire family knows where the life insurance is, while everyone is still alive, or write down the information where it will be found when there is a death.

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